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Tag Heuer Watches

Marina Bay Watch Company provides service of Tag Heuer watches in Marina Del Rey, California. It is our priority that every Tag Heuer repaired or serviced meets factory specifications. For over 20 years, our proven quality makes us the best place to get your Tag Heuer serviced in Los Angeles.

Every Tag Heuer serviced in our facility will always meet factory and service center specifications using only genuine parts. On every Tag Heuer that is serviced, the mechanism is completely disassembled and each component is diagnosed for any excessive wear or damage. Thorough timekeeping accuracy and rigorous adjustments with 72 hour quality control. Your case and band is meticulously refinished to restore your Tag Heuer to look new again.

Service upkeep on your new Tag Heuer, or classic Heuer, is very critical in maintaining your timepiece properly.

Overhaul services offered on these types of movements include: self winding, quartz, and chronograph movements.  Other services offered are crystal replacements, crown replacements, dial refinishes, case refinishing, band refinishing, band replacement, band repair, band sizing, clasp repair, and many other services.

We repair all the models made by Tag Heuer which include: Formula one, Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Grand Carrera, Monaco, Kirium, 2000 series, alter ego, and many others.


Servicing your Tag Heuer Watch

Step 1

Disassemble Process

Your Tag Heuer bracelet is completely disassembled from the watch case. Then the case is opened, crown and stem are removed, and the mechanism is completely dismantled from the Tag Heuer case.
Step 2
The movement is completely disassembled, and our watchmakers carefully clean each Tag Heuer part of the movement.
Step 3

Cleaning The Movement

Every Tag Heuer component in the movement is ultrasonically cleaned using only the highest quality of cleaning solutions.
Step 4

Tag Heuer oiling and lubrication

Every Tag Heuer moving part is meticulously lubricated using only the highest quality of synthetic oils. Carefully lubricating gears prevents friction and will avoid future damage on any of the Tag Heuer components of the movement. Preventative maintenance will assure you that your Tag Heuer will last for many more years after it is serviced.
Step 5

Timing and Calibrating your Watch

The most important factor in timing your Tag Heuer self winding movement is all in the balance wheel. We carefully calibrate the mechanism in your Tag Heuer, so it will function properly and maintain the proper time after it has been repaired.
Step 6

Tag Heuer Assembly

After the cleaning process, your bezel is installed, crystal is installed, movement is installed, and the band is carefully put back together.
Step 7

Refinishing your Case and Band

The band and case are thoroughly refinished to restore your Tag Heuer to look new again. The bezel is completely dismantled and polished. Every Tag Heuer part including the link screws are ultrasonically cleaned after this process.
Step 8

Gaskets, Seals, and Water-testing

Following our thorough maintenance procedure with your Tag Heuer, your crystal, case tube, crown, and back gasket are all replaced and sealed with every service. Upon vigorous water-testing, if your watch does not pass water resistance, your case tube and crown will be replaced. Finally your Omega is ready to be water-tested to ensure your watch is ready to go diving again. Refer to our page that gives a complete explanation for the purpose of water-testing.
Step 9

Rigorous quality control

Upon the completion of your repair, our technicians give careful examination of proper time keeping. We use state of the art Tag Heuer winding machines made by Bergeon to test the accuracy of your watch for 72 hours.



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All Tag Heuer Repairs and Services include a 1 year warranty.